All The World’s A Gym (Even When Traveling on Business)

The author on her recent business trip in Tokyo.

By: Stacey Wilcox My recent business travels took me to Tokyo, Japan. I discovered my hotel was just a half mile from The Imperial Palace where the Emperor of Japan lives. A 3-mile paved path goes all the way around the palace which is surrounded by a water-filled moat and tree-covered grounds. It made for … Continue reading

10 Tips for Alleviating Shoulder Pain

Ten Things Anyone Suffering from Shoulder Pain Should Try before Going Under the Knife. By Michael Carroll, M.D. Summer is fast approaching. We all have our visions of glory for our favorite season. The winter coat of adipose, that thin layer of fattiness so many of us accumulate over the colder months, will no doubt … Continue reading

Running with Grace

By: Christian Ward This past Saturday my daughter Grace ran her first 5K. It was all the better for me because I got to be a part of it. It’s not unusual for a parent to be enthusiastic about their children’s achievements, whether they are in school or on a field or court, or on … Continue reading

Introducing Coach’s Eye: Improve your athletic form with (simple) video analysis

By: Stacey Wilcox What do Chris Griffin, San Francisco-based running and walking instructor specializing in the Chi Running® and Chi Walking® technique, and Glenn Mills, former Olympic swimmer, founder of, coach and trainer have in common? They both use video analysis to teach their student athletes how to improve their technique. Both world-renowned coaches have attested … Continue reading

Track Your Swim With the FINIS Hydro Tracker GPS

By: Bethany Williston The Hydro Tracker GPS, by FINIS, is designed specifically for open-water swimming, however it can be used to measure the speed, distance, and elevation of walking, running, biking, and skiing as well. The GPS is about two inches square and fits on either your goggle strap or a provided armband—and also comes … Continue reading