Our Friday Five: Lesser-Known Olympic Sports

By: Scott McMahon The opening ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics take place tonight, as the athletes competing for worldwide prestige will represent their countries at their formal introductions. As each competitor takes his or her stroll through the stadium, one can only help but wonder what sport each athlete is a part of. A … Continue reading

July 20: Our Friday Five

By: Scott McMahon Happy Friday! As the weekend nears, people from all over will be heading elsewhere throughout the state of Michigan to enjoy the many great parks and attractions that Michigan has to offer. Our list this week showcases five of the most beautiful areas in the state – a true “bucket list” for … Continue reading

Our Friday Five

By Scott McMahon After participating in too many traditional races to count, outdoor athletes often yearn for something a little different. Many events already include costume contests, raffles, or after-parties to supplement their race, but some choose to completely separate themselves from the pack. Below, you’ll find a list of five of the most unique … Continue reading

The Arms Have It

By: Bob Schwartz Many runners enjoy the purity of our sport and love communing with nature without modern technological accoutrements. Heck, some runners have further advanced the bare-necessity approach and have removed one-third of the running trinity of shorts, shirt, and shoes. Thankfully, it’s not the shorts, as they’ve instead chosen to relegate their running … Continue reading

Your Guide to Kayaking

By: Kyle Maatman Stop by a popular lake access this summer and it is likely a fair number of cars will have roof racks for carrying one or more kayaks. Kayaking has become one of America’s fastest growing outdoor pursuits over the last decade. Retailers say the small boats are popular with children and adults. … Continue reading