Friday Five: 5 April Events to Get You Active Again

Spring has arrived, the sun is out, which means it’s time to get outside! Get started on race training, begin your spring/summer race schedule, or just go for a walk in a park. To help you prepare, we offer our monthly look at upcoming events in the Michigan area. We went with unique and popular, … Continue reading

Friday Five: 5 St. Patrick’s Day Events To Watch For

Hope you have your green clothes ready, it’s time for some St. Patrick’s Day races! You’ll be hard-pressed to find any races in the first two weeks of March that don’t feature shamrocks, leprechauns, or pots of gold, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As the calendar shifts from February to March, here’s our look … Continue reading

“Friday” Five: 5 Can’t-Miss February Events

By: Scott McMahon Yes, it’s not Friday. But can’t we pretend for a few minutes? We want to present some of the best events in Michigan happening this upcoming month, and since February only has 28 days, we figured why not make our list a few days early? February is a time for frigid weather … Continue reading

Friday Five: December Events You Can’t Miss

Temperatures have cooled, and outdoor exercise has become slightly more difficult. Going out for a run requires more than just tying up your shoes and hitting the road; the cold weather forces us to add layers, gloves, and more protection that we wouldn’t usually consider for the majority of the year. But that’s winter. It … Continue reading

Iceman Cometh Challenge Goes Down to the Wire

By: Scott McMahon The largest single-day mountain bike race in the United States lived up to its name on Saturday, November 3, as upwards of 5,400 bikers showed up to face the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge. Weather in the Kalkaska-Traverse City area was perfect for the annual race—a slight dusting of snow covered the ground … Continue reading