Friday Five: December Events You Can’t Miss

Temperatures have cooled, and outdoor exercise has become slightly more difficult. Going out for a run requires more than just tying up your shoes and hitting the road; the cold weather forces us to add layers, gloves, and more protection that we wouldn’t usually consider for the majority of the year. But that’s winter. It … Continue reading

Race Report: Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K

By: Scott McMahon In my quest to complete a race in 12 consecutive months (see Stanley Kulikowski’s 12 T-Shirts), I naturally chose a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot to be my November race. Fun theme, donations to charity, and some exercise before a huge dinner–what’s not to love? After running in several different locations in southeastern Michigan … Continue reading

Friday Five: Work Out in Your Office

Have your own office, or a break room with some space? If you know you won’t be able to get to the gym or go for a run later, but still want some exercise, consider taking a little time out of your day to work out at your office. Here are five easy but effectives … Continue reading

World Marathon Majors Championships Awarded for 2011-2012

By: Scott McMahon With the cancelation of the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, the World Marathon Major standings for 2011-2012 became official. The two-year accumulation of points—done to allow elite runners proper rest and recuperation after each race—included nine different chances to tally points. Runners earned 25 for a first-place finish, 15 … Continue reading

Wayne County Hosts Annual Bike Through the Lights Event

By: Rachel Leggett For those of you itching for one last bike tour before the snow hits, Wayne County is the place to be. Wayne County Parks is giving cyclists the chance to bike through the lights of Merriman Hollow Park before its annual Lightfest opens to the public. Take in the holiday spectacle as … Continue reading