Friday Five: National “Holidays” in June

There is a national “holiday” for just about everything, from non-serious things like hot dogs to serious days such as World Oceans Day or National Cancer Survivors Day. Here at Outdoor Athlete, we would like to bring your attention to a several outside sport-themed national “holidays” all held in June. Celebrate with one of the … Continue reading

Meet the Olympians: Michigan and Ohio

By: Scott McMahon Here at Outdoor Athlete, we were fortunate enough to interview some of the athletes that represented Michigan and northern Ohio. Their athletic abilities range across the entire spectrum of sports, far outside the realm of their individual events. Each athlete provided their basic biographical information and also answered some questions from our staff. Enjoy! … Continue reading

Our Friday Five

By Scott McMahon After participating in too many traditional races to count, outdoor athletes often yearn for something a little different. Many events already include costume contests, raffles, or after-parties to supplement their race, but some choose to completely separate themselves from the pack. Below, you’ll find a list of five of the most unique … Continue reading