Introducing Coach’s Eye: Improve your athletic form with (simple) video analysis

By: Stacey Wilcox

What do Chris Griffin, San Francisco-based running and walking instructor specializing in the Chi Running® and Chi Walking® technique, and Glenn Mills, former Olympic swimmer, founder of, coach and trainer have in common? They both use video analysis to teach their student athletes how to improve their technique.

Both world-renowned coaches have attested that athletes have an idea in their head of how they think they look when running, swimming, biking, etc, but it is usually vastly different from what they are actually doing. Recording a running stride, a swimming stroke or even a power squat and then allowing the athlete to immediately view themselves, has proven to be an indispensable training tool for them.

The concept of using video to critique an athlete’s form is not new; however until recently it has been a complicated process only available to those who had a film crew with bulky, expensive video equipment.

Coach’s Eye, a $4.99 iPhone and iPad app, allows anyone to record live video footage and play it back or share it almost instantly.

Simply open the app and press the red record button. Once recorded, you have the option to immediately play the video back so the athlete can see exactly what they are doing. Use the flywheel to scrub back and forth in fast or slow motion for in-depth analysis.

Want to take your analysis even further? Use the built-in drawing tools to annotate the video (think John Madden scribbling on NFL video film during a game). Want to share your coaching video with other athletes, parents or coaches? Quickly send it via YouTube, Dropbox, email or text (so it can be viewed on any mobile device or computer).

I have been a *TechSmith employee since October 2000 and am excited to use this opportunity to merge my passion for technology and (outdoor) athletics to share Coach’s Eye with the Outdoor Athlete readers.

Here’s to your good form!

*TechSmith, creators of Coach’s Eye, is proud to be a Michigan-based technology company that sells products and services in more than 170 countries.


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