Friday Five: National “Holidays” in June

There is a national “holiday” for just about everything, from non-serious things like hot dogs to serious days such as World Oceans Day or National Cancer Survivors Day. Here at Outdoor Athlete, we would like to bring your attention to a several outside sport-themed national “holidays” all held in June. Celebrate with one of the … Continue reading

Friday Five: Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

If you have a mom that enjoys being fit and getting outside, here are some ideas of what you can do with her this Mother’s Day instead of the usual brunch and flowers. Stay in Southeast Michigan, road trip to another city in-state, or go out-of-state–whichever you choose, we bet she will love spending time … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Adventures

By: Scott McMahon As I was writing the recent Friday Five post regarding fun St. Patrick’s Day events, the urge to travel overcame me. With so many events in a few concentrated areas, I made the snap decision that a good chunk of my St. Patrick’s Day weekend would be devoted to attending races around … Continue reading

Friday Five: 5 St. Patrick’s Day Events To Watch For

Hope you have your green clothes ready, it’s time for some St. Patrick’s Day races! You’ll be hard-pressed to find any races in the first two weeks of March that don’t feature shamrocks, leprechauns, or pots of gold, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As the calendar shifts from February to March, here’s our look … Continue reading

Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors in February

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, snow is on the ground. But since when did a few inches of snow make outdoor exercise impossible? Simple modifications can be made to just about any piece of equipment to ensure safety and effectiveness in less-than-ideal conditions. Depending on the kind of frame you have, different tires can let you … Continue reading