Our Friday Five: “Changing it Up”

We’ve all heard the phrases “change it up” and “keep your body guessing,” when trying to tweak a workout. But what does that mean? How does one alter a routine while still working towards a set goal? In this week’s Friday Five, we take a look at five ways that you can “change it up” … Continue reading

Review: Wicked Audio Helix Earbuds

Who doesn’t love music? Music has the incredible ability to stabilize us, motivate us, and connect with us on levels that we never knew existed. No matter the situation or the mood, music is almost always there to make a difference in our lives. So, naturally, many of us take every chance we get to … Continue reading

The Somerset Stampede (A.K.A. Pay Attention to Road Signs)

By: Scott McMahon I woke up on Saturday morning ready for a race. I hadn’t run in a while, and had never run a trail race before, which made me nervous, but I was excited to get back into competition again. A couple of months ago, my friend Michelle and I signed up for the … Continue reading

Meet the Olympians: Michigan and Ohio

By: Scott McMahon Here at Outdoor Athlete, we were fortunate enough to interview some of the athletes that represented Michigan and northern Ohio. Their athletic abilities range across the entire spectrum of sports, far outside the realm of their individual events. Each athlete provided their basic biographical information and also answered some questions from our staff. Enjoy! … Continue reading

Great Lakes Athletes in the London Olympics

By: Scott McMahon The time came once again for the world to come together in the spirit of competition. The Games of the XXX Olympiad ran from July 27 to August 12 in London, England, and featured many of the best athletes from around the world. Thousands of athletes donned their countries’ flags and colors … Continue reading