Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors in February

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, snow is on the ground. But since when did a few inches of snow make outdoor exercise impossible? Simple modifications can be made to just about any piece of equipment to ensure safety and effectiveness in less-than-ideal conditions. Depending on the kind of frame you have, different tires can let you ride outside. Strap on a set of Yaktrax and go running. The possibilities are endless. Still not convinced?Here are five more reasons to take your workout outside this month.

1. You look awesome doing it.

How many times do you pass by someone running in 15-degree weather and think something along the lines of “that person is crazy?” This is your chance to be that crazy person. Personally, I love the idea of random drivers or passers-by wondering how I could put my body through a cold-weather run. Something about it just makes me feel… tough.

2. Steam

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Nothing looks cooler than seeing steam fly off of your body after a tough run in the cold. Makes for a good Firebender impression.

3. Everything in this article

Men’s Health suggests that outdoor exercise in winter can not only boost your endurance, but reduce stress, train your body to use oxygen more efficiently, and keep you away from the flu. And at what expense? Being cold for a few minutes.

4. Specialty Equipment

If you’re like me, you enjoy playing with all the apparel and fun toys you accumulate for outdoor sports. I’m talking hats, gloves, tech shirts, soft-shell base layers, tights, etc. If you keep getting this equipment for holidays or birthdays, use them! Don’t let your money or someone else’s money go to waste because of the weather.

5. Scenery

You see your favorite overlook all the time during the nicer months. Take a look at the woods covered in snow, a valley without trees, or a frozen lake at the bottom of a hill. There is a simple beauty about a landscape covered in white, without much of the green that exists throughout the year.

So there’s your list. Don’t let snow or chilly temperatures stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Do it to look cool, do it to improve your health, do it to get your money’s worth out of a purchase. Whatever the reason, get outside!

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