Friday Five: 5 Common Excuses For Not Working Out

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the couch after a long day of work or school, just not wanting to move for the rest of the night. We know that we should work out, but it’s so much easier to do nothing.

No one said physical fitness was easy.

Here are five of the most common excuses for not exercising when you know you should. Identify them. Learn their traits and how to spot them. Conquer them.

1. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

My personal favorite. If you’re tired today, yet consistently going to bed late, or waking up early (or both), odds are tomorrow won’t be too different. Giving yourself a day off for this reason, especially when you have just started a workout regimen, can completely derail any kind of progress you have made.

Overcome it: You won’t regret a workout. Get up, go for your run, hit the gym, whatever you do. By working out today instead of putting it off until later, it reaffirms your dedication to physical fitness and shows you that you can overcome this obstacle when/if it comes up again.

2. “I don’t have the time/I’m tired.”

We understand, everyone has a busy schedule. Most of us wake up early, work a full day, and come home looking to relax and reboot for the next day. Between work, meals, possible activities with kids/community, there may not be time to get outside and run/bike/go to the gym. Some just don’t want to get up and leave the house. But there’s so much you can do without leaving your home or buying expensive equipment (more on that later).

Check out these tips on how to get in some exercise while watching TV at night after a long day of work. You’ll be happy you did.

3. “I don’t have money for all this equipment.”

It’s no mystery – fitness equipment and gym memberships can be quite expensive. You can buy cheap dumbbells at a local sporting goods shop, but that won’t get you a full workout. There is plenty that you can do without spending your paycheck for equipment that you may not use.

A simple Google search will yield plenty of options for you about how to use regular household objects in a workout. Here’s just one example, from MSN:

Household Objects That Can Improve Your Fitness

4. “It’s boring.”

If you’re dedicated to improving your fitness, this one should be easy to break. Exercise does not have to be about lifting things in front of a mirror, or running around a track. Especially in the fall season, there are so many ways to enjoy being outside.

Instead of timing yourself or following a specific route, just turn down random streets and enjoy the fall colors, or try to find new streets or parks that you’ve never seen before.

Here are some more tips from a previous Friday Five about “changing it up” if you get bored.

Friday Five: Changing It Up

5. “It’s no fun alone.”

Easy. Find someone to work out with! It doesn’t have to be an organized event (unless you want it to be), or a specific distance. Just get out there with a friend. Talk about families, sports, work, etc. You won’t notice that you’re getting in your exercise because you’ll be too preoccupied with your conversation.

There you have it: five common excuses that hold many people up from working out. It takes self-discipline to overcome these roadblocks, and that extra kick to get out of your favorite chair and onto your bike, or into your running shoes. Overpower that urge to make excuses, and it becomes that much easier the next time.

Stay strong, both mentally and physically.


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