July 20: Our Friday Five

By: Scott McMahon

Happy Friday! As the weekend nears, people from all over will be heading elsewhere throughout the state of Michigan to enjoy the many great parks and attractions that Michigan has to offer. Our list this week showcases five of the most beautiful areas in the state – a true “bucket list” for people looking to explore Michigan. Where will you be headed?

1. Presque Isle River Gorge

Located in the Upper Peninsula, the Presque Isle River Gorge runs through the Ottawa National Forest and the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park before emptying into Lake Superior.

2. Sleeping Bear Dunes State Park

See for yourself why Sleeping Bear Dunes has been listed as one of the top getaways in the entire country. Sleeping Bear Dunes is located west of Traverse City, just outside of Empire, Michigan.

3. Mackinac Island

It can’t be a list of Michigan beauty without Mackinac Island, can it? Explore the island by foot, bike, or water, and be sure to pick up some fudge afterwards.

4. Whitefish Point

Located in the Upper Peninsula along Lake Superior, Whitefish Point offers spectacular views of the largest of the Great Lakes, and has plenty of places to camp and enjoy the outdoors.

5. South Haven

Walk along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan, and take in the unique downtown lifestyle right on the water. Make a weekend out of it and check out Covert Beach and Van Buren State Park to the south.

How did we do? What is on your Michigan bucket list?


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