Product Review: Days-2 Short from Club Ride Apparel

By: Christian Ward

I’m in a good mood. That’s what great products are designed to do. I’m convinced that, ultimately, the goal of all the technology and gadgets and devices available to us is to help put us in a good mood.

Take shorts, for example. I’ve had this pair of mountain bike shorts from Pearl Izumi for more than 10 years. I never have been really into mountain biking so as a technical mountain bike short, they have been wasted. I pulled the liner with the chamois out as soon as I got them. I was more into wearing them around town, ironically with running shoes. Nothing cooler than a comfortable, technical black short to wear to the grocery store or to the local coffee haven.

These Pearl shorts have been the bomb from the outset—ballistic, ripstop nylon that sheds water and almost any other liquid I’ve spilled on them, strap-cinchers at the leg openings, and a PI web belt at the waist. What marks these shorts as technical rather than casual,  other than the bombproof fabric, is the fact that they have no rear pockets. Two side cargo pockets with Velcro closures and two front pockets hold all the stuff you would need on a mountain bike ride–a tube, tools, gel or Powerbars, cell phone–without getting in the way. But no rear pockets to mess with seating.

These PI shorts have taken me through so many sub-urban adventures: coffee drinking, writing, kids’ field hockey games and swim meets. It’s been less about how the shorts would hold up during technical single-track descents and turns than about how cool I looked grabbing the broccoli and the Swiss chard at Kroger or ordering my grande soy chai at the coffee stop.

I even wore them once or twice to do jobs around the house until—yikes—I got a couple drops of white paint on them that won’t come out. No more of that.

In short, these have been my favorite, most reliable casual-technical short ever.

Until now.

Club Ride is a company out of Sun Valley, Idaho that is building a brand buzz around blending “authentic cycling wear that is not only comfortable and breathable to bike in, but is also contemporary, casual life style fashion.” They build shorts and shirts that you can wear on or off the bike—technical and comfortable, according to their website.

Headed by former Cannondale and Scott cycling maven Scott Montgomery, Club Ride’s apparel is smart and authentic. The design aesthetic is edgy but not in a skateboard-ish F-O way.

Enter the Days-2 short. Here it is:

This short puts me on Cloud 9. It oozes authenticity and style. A lightweight nylon blend that has what my PI short lacks: four-way stretch. Unlike some mountain bike shorts it has a soft feel that makes it comfortable to wear all the time.

Two front slash pockets with a hidden change pocket inside the right front slash pocket. The short comes with a great detachable liner with a soft, minimal chamois—the system is nifty with a couple loops to easily snap the liner out (like I’m not the first guy to remove the liner). There is also a zippered cargo pocket on the right thigh and, ahem, two zippered pockets on the rear cheeks.

Okay. So I violated my rear-pocket rule. But they rock. The Club Ride Days-2 Short also works as a phenomenal bike commuter short. The simple, functional design makes the Days-2 short stylish enough for work (for casual work environments) while the stretchy, soft fabric makes it great for commuting, a better alternative to either more technical shorts or the casual cotton Old Navy shorts I might wear (and build up a significant sweat in during my short ride to work).

According to Montgomery, Club Ride is seeking to grab the technical mountain bike rider and casual commuter. The fact that the shorts look so great in any environment helps.

Days-2 Short from Club Ride apparel. $99.99


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