Did You Know: Mud Runs

By: Scott McMahon
Enjoy the structure of an organized running event but want more of a challenge? Try a mud run. Mud runs combine the sport of running with the excitement of taking on a wide variety of obstacles, all while going through a course filled with mud. Want to know more? Here are some facts and a few events to consider before completing your first mud run:
  • A mud run is a 5K event done on a wet and muddy course.
  • Mud runs feature obstacles such as mud pits, hill climbs, tunnels, slides, and more.
  • Many events offer shorter kids courses complete with obstacles and mud.
  • All mud run events have gear checks for changes of clothes and wash stations after the race.
  • Escape the Grind in Lansing offers an optional costume contest for the most creative costume in each wave.
  • Due to the rising popularity of mud runs, the sport has expanded this year to include the Kalamazoo Mud Run and the Mud Factor race series, which will take place in Millington and across the country.
  • Two men died of heat-related illness after the Warrior Dash in Kansas City, Missouri last year…
  • …Many mud runs are untimed or timed for personal reference, which encourages participants to run safely and work together.
  • A Rochester Hills man became paralyzed at the 2011 Warrior Dash in Mt. Morris, after jumping headfirst into a shallow mud pit.
  • Mud runs average around $55 in Michigan and can range anywhere between $30 and $100 per entry.
  • Practice running in wet shoes and wet clothes to prepare for a mud run.
  • Wear long pants or tights, boots or running shoes, thick socks, and shorts under your pants. Don’t wear goggles or sunglasses.

For a list of upcoming running and mud events, check out our calendar.

Photo credit: Greg Sadler Photography

One Response to “Did You Know: Mud Runs”
  1. aelkins1 says:

    I ran both the Warrior Dash and the Dirty Dog Dash last year. The Warrior Dash had some great obstacles. The DDD was more of a trail run with a couple of obstacles on the way. If I can get myself into shape, I’d like to do a half dozen of these races next year. My goal is just to finish and feel challenged.

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