In Review: Chi Marathon

By: Christian Ward

The library of published running books seems to cover every aspect of running and of training for every distance. There are thousands of books on running, from John L. Parker Jr.’s essential running novel, Once a Runner, to books by celebrity runners like Bill Rodgers, Jeff Galloway, and Kathrine Switzer, to Phil Maffetone’s wonderful science of training, In Fitness and in Health. Now there is another to add to the running bookshelf: Chi Marathon by Danny Dreyer. Why the need for another book about running?

In 2004, Dreyer brought to the masses his unique approach to the sport with Chi Running. It wasn’t so much that he offered anything new in terms of the training that would get you from Point A to the finish line the fastest—he left that for others. What Dreyer did with Chi Running was bring one of the first discussions of running technique—Chi Running technique—to the rest of us who can’t imagine running six-minute pace for the marathon.

Like Dr. Nicholas Romanov’s Pose Method, Dreyer and his wife, Katherine, landed on high injury rates of runners over long distances. It’s not the type of training we do as our form when we run. The Chi Running technique has been taught to tens of thousands of runners over the years and, in essence, has brought the discussion of running form to runners as a whole.

Chi Marathon blends a lot of the basic marathon training other authors have offered, specifically melding form, conditioning, and mastery of the Chi Running technique.

“Chi Marathon is the result of the need for a new approach to marathon training. The old paradigm is not working for most people,” writes Katherine Dreyer in the introduction. “As injury rates rise, what could be a fabulous way to cultivate a lifelong habit of keeping fit becomes a graveyard for once-enthusiastic runners.”

If you are thinking about launching a half-marathon or marathon training program, Dreyer’s Chi Marathon is worth checking out.

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2 Responses to “In Review: Chi Marathon”
  1. I’m going to have to pass this along to my husband who is signed up for the Detroit Marathon. His biggest challenge is the mental aspect of the long training runs. Maybe this will help!

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