About Us: Scott

Photo Credit: Claire Ouellette

I am the newest member of the Outdoor Athlete team. I was hired in April as Rachel’s editorial intern, and transitioned to Editor in July. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I came up to Ann Arbor for college in 2008. I played tuba in the Michigan Marching Band and the Michigan Men’s Basketball Band for all four of my years at the University of Michigan, and as a result, I don’t think I will ever forget the valve combinations for “The Victors.” This past April, I graduated from Michigan with a degree in communications, and have begun my life as a real person with this position.

My entire life has centered on sports. Growing up in St. Louis, I became (and still am) a diehard Cardinals fan, and I am an avid Rams and Blues fan (Stanley Cup 2013, calling it now). Since college, I have become a huge Michigan football fan and am proud to have been a witness to the rebirth of Michigan basketball over the past few years. I get out to the golf course any chance I can, and I have recently picked up both racquetball and, more appropriately, running. I ran my first race in April of 2011, and have set a goal to compete in at least one race each month over the next 12 months (think or remember Stanley Kulikowski’s “12 T-Shirts” from OA’s 2012 “Keeper” issue).

Like many kids, I dreamt of starring in the Major Leagues someday; I thought that my integral role as the “we’re-up-26-runs-so-let’s-let-Scott-pitch” player would get me far, but sadly, no team came calling. Since high school, I have shifted that goal to finding a career in sports media. I would love nothing more than to make a living in sports, and I am beyond thrilled to begin that journey with Outdoor Athlete Magazine.

One Response to “About Us: Scott”
  1. keriboyle says:

    Scott: I write the blog The Tri-ing Life (http://thetri-inglife.com) and would love to write for Outdoor Athlete Magazine. Can we connect on Twitter? @kericboyle

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