About Us: Claire

Photo Credit: Rachel Phillips

I started my journey with Outdoor Athlete Magazine in August of 2011 as a photography intern, whose job it was to produce images for upcoming articles in the magazine. This past spring, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in graphic design and was named Outdoor Athlete Magazine’s Design Assistant. As a recent graduate in the design business, I have several other freelance projects to keep me busy, including working as an in-house designer for my aunt’s business, The Ribbonry, in Perrsyburg, Ohio.

I grew up in Saline, a ten-minute drive south from Ann Arbor, but many of my high school hang out spots were in Ann Arbor. I have lived in the Ann Arbor area my entire life—aside from two years spent at Adrian College, which is where I began my college career following my graduation from Saline High, and before I realized how much I love the city of Ann Arbor.

Cross-country and track were the only sports I found myself to be fairly good at in high school—my aiming skills were nonexistent, so that pretty much knocked off all sports that involve a ball. Although I don’t compete in very many races today, I have kept up with running and thoroughly enjoy the fitness and mind-freeing experience that it provides.


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